Activation Levels


This Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) establishes procedures relative to preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation activities that lead to safe and effective management of an emergency event affecting Flood Risk Reduction Project (FRRP) L-561, L-550, and L-536. This EPP conveys procedures and processes that address an emergency to ensure the public, who may be at risk, is fully aware of those risks while being protected through a risk informed decision making process. The EPP will be utilized by the levee sponsor and first responders during flood events and also will be used to educate the public in levee protected areas in advance.

The EPP has been prepared based on past practices and experiences of the levee sponsor, in conjunction with Atchison County’s emergency management plan, and is intended to be a living document that requires updating and improvement as the plan is exercised or conditions evolve.

Activation Process

This section of the EPP addresses the activation process relative to known risks/crisis activities. This section further defines, describes, and demonstrates in a flow chart the specific triggers and notification procedures. There are four levels in increasing order with the highest emergency level 4 and the standard non-emergency activities on level 1.